Tulip Technology in Top 100 innovations


We are very proud to announce that the Tulip Technology has been selected as one of the 100 best innovations from the Netherlands.

The “Toekomstmakers Top 100” (Future Shapers Top 100) has been initiated by the Dutch weekly Innovation show ‘Toekomstmakers’ and is supported by leading companies such as Philips, Accenture, DSM, EY, KPN, OCE-Canon and ING.

The Top 100 has been developed as a calling card which shows the innovative strength of businesses and governmental organisations in The Netherlands. It illustrates creativity, entrepreneurship and endurance.

The innovations generate optimism. All innovations are answers to a wide range of challenges the world faces. Global challenges, Dutch solutions.’

The Tulip Technology has been selected for the Top 100 in the category ‘Water’. Click here for the full list.

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