Basic Water Needs (established 2008) proudly offers essential water solutions through our Tulip brand, enhancing domestic water usage. Our products are affordable, streamlined in design, and widely available. BWN is making sure that all income groups, including the Bottom and Base of the Pyramid (BoP), have access to safe domestic water products.

Our product range encompasses small submersible solar pumps, empowering users by efficiently supplying water for vital applications like irrigation or fishponds. Additionally, we provide basic gravity-fed water filters, ensuring the delivery of safe water for consumption.

By utilizing our products, individuals tend to access water sources closer to their homes, reducing travel time significantly, redirected towards productive endeavors.

Moreover, our offerings encourage a healthier lifestyle by promoting higher water consumption. A healthier lifestyle translates to a decrease in illness cases, resulting in reduced medical costs.

Our water filters have made a difference in the lives of over 3,000,000 people worldwide, ensuring a sustainable impact on communities.

Notably, both our solar pumps and water filters contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. These eco-friendly solutions are actively integrated into programs that incentivize carbon credits, supporting global efforts to combat climate change. It is estimated that through our products over time we have been able to divert 1,200,000 tCO2. Part of these emission reductions have been verified trough best practice standards for climate and sustainable development interventions.

Our products are exclusively distributed through dedicated importers and agents. Our partners benefit from extensive support and guidance from our company.

BWN meets the needs of its users and stakeholders with a global mindset, in turn making domestic water safe, affordable and simple. Basic Water Needs’ ultimate goal is to offer safe water in every house for everyone. There is a road ahead of us.

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