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Tulip Filters also available in Sudan and Sierra Leone

Since 2022 Tulip filters are available in Khartoum and early 2023 they have been made available in Sierra Leone.

WHO publishes its results of Round II of the WHO HWTS Evaluation Scheme with Tulip in it

In the report the WHO confirms that the Tulip Filter is safe. It provides so called targeted protection. For a summary of the report with the results on the Tulip Table Top click here.

What have we learned of the Try and Buy approach in Ghana?

We are working hard on developing new business models and have been testing the try and buy approach in Ghana in a project with Via Water.

Expanding to Angola

We are happy to announce that our Tulip water filters are now available in Angola!

Safe water for coffee farmers

During the WEDC conference we presented our case study from Kagera, Tanzania at the Loughborough University in the UK. This study is about the results so far of our ‘Safe Water for coffee farmers in Tanzania’ project, which project has exceeded expectations.

Water Filter Tanzania ready for business

In her short time as a representative of Tulip water filters, she has already trained many local agents, including the agents in our ‘Carbon credits for safe water’ project. She also had a chance to bring the Tulip filters to the attention of the former Tanzanian minister of Tourism and Natural Resources at the Karibu…

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Tulip water filters now available on the Philippines

Basic Water Needs B.V. is happy to announce that our Tulip water filters are now available in the Philippines.

World Humanitarian Day: A note on BWN’s Ecuadorian partner’s response to 2016 earthquake

On 16 April 2016, a 7,8 magnitude earthquake destroyed around 7000 buildings on the Central Coast of Ecuador. Thousands of families were consequently challenged at a mass scale in their access to safe, if any, drinking water. Tap water systems collapsed in several towns. People were drinking rainwater from rooftops, hand dug wells and water…

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A great meeting was held this July between Basic Water Needs and our new Nigerian partner here in our new sunny office in The Netherlands. Given 57 million people in Nigeria still don’t have access to clean water, with around 68,000 children under the age of five dying from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and…

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We’re very happy to introduce a new member to the Basic Water Needs team! After recently working with Mama Cash – a global women’s and girls’ rights fund based in The Netherlands – on economic and environmental justice, Sophie Housley, from the UK, joined us as our new Programme Officer this July. Sophie brings with…

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