1. With a new candle, the maximum flow will be realized after about 30 liters of water has been filtered.
  2. Ensure that you clean the filter with the supplied scrub pad to restore the flow rate of the Tulip filter. A toothbrush may also be used. Especially highly turbid water needs frequent backwashing (in the case of the Siphon filter) or pre-filtration through a cloth (for the Table Top filter).
  3. Water type may substantially affect the flow rate: try to find out if the water that is being used is very hard or contains much iron. For instance, does it have much silicum? Does it have much turbidity; if so, what type of turbidity? You can contact us for assistance.

Tulip Siphon Filter specifically
  1. Use the full length of the Siphon filter hose. Also, ensure that the bucket with contaminated water and the clear water is on a lower level.
  2. Use the backwash functionality to clear the tunnels in the ceramic filter.

Using a new filter, it will take around 5 minutes before the dry ceramic element has become completely wet before the water can start to flow.

In the case of starting with a new Siphon filter, you have to squeeze the bulb 2 to 3 times before the filtered water starts to flow.


You should not drink the first 30 liters of filtered water when you use a new filter or a new replacement filter element. Why? Firstly, some small particles that are inside a new filter have to be washed out. It is these particles that cause an earth like taste. In the case of the Table Top filter, this means the first two buckets of filtered water unfortunately have to be thrown away.

The filter does not remove bad taste – it removes fine particles, harmful bacteria and parasites (in many cases, the source of a bad taste). When the filtered water still has a certain taste, such as that of earth/the ground, try to find another water source without adverse taste.


Contaminated water that contains sand and clay particles can cause fast clogging of the filter. The washable pre-filter removes a part of the sand and clay particles and prevents fast clogging of the filter element. Only if the contaminated water is very clear and contains very little turbidity can the Tulip filter be used without using the pre-filter.

It seems that the water you are filtering is quite dirty. When you scrub the filter a few times each week the filter life will be short. After around 60 times of scrubbing, the diameter of the filter will become too small for sufficient bacteria removal. Many people remove too much material by scrubbing. Do not apply too much force while scrubbing. You can check the safe diameter of the filter element by using the plastic end of life indicator (candle gauge).

For the Siphon specifically, when having dirty water in the bucket, it is very important to backwash the filter once or twice during the filtration process.

Remove the washable pre-filter frequently and clean it in clear water.

Dirty water can be cleaned partly by filtering it through a few layers of fine woven cotton.

Another way to make the water more clear is by letting it first stand one night in the bucket. Some small particles will then have been settled to the bottom of the bucket.

No probem. This happens because the filter is not in the water anymore, but still wet.

Now there is no possibility of air or water getting in the bulb. When you put the filter into a container filled with water, you will see that the bulb inflates again.

To prevent water leakage from the filter after usage or during storage, close the tap and squeeze the bulb holding the filter in reverse position. Most of the remaining water in the bulb and inside the ceramic filter element will be removed by this action.

The best way to store a filter is in a wet condition. If the filter element is wet, the water will start flowing quicker next time you will use the filter.


The filter removes very tiny particles from water but does not remove dissolved coloring agents such as yellow humic acid, ink or other coloring substances.


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