Investing in women, it’s simply good business


This year Basic Water Needs celebrated International Women’s Day in a very special way: we were invited to speak at an ‘inspiration session’ at RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Together with our partner Plan the Netherlands, we were invited to speak about Gender and Business.
Plan was able to introduce the problem of inequality in chances of men and women in the labour market. Plan believes that investing in chances for women in the labour market is a smart investment, as there is plenty of evidence that this will not only improve the position of women, but also the health of their families. Basic Water Needs was able to give the perspective of a company working with women. We find that women are often experts when it comes to the subject of drinking water in the household, as they are responsible for this every day. So who better to explain the benefits of using a Tulip water filter, than a woman who has used it in her own household? That is why we often try to work with female entrepreneurs.
We hope that we were able to inspire RVO and can work together towards equal opportunities on the international labour market.

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