BWN signed ARENA Declaration

On the 9th of October 2014, Basic Water Needs was one of the 8 companies signing the ARENA Declaration. Other companies were Accenture, ASN Bank, AmsterdamArena, Team Relocations, TUI Nederland, AkzoNobel and JJH Textiles. By signing this declaration the companies agree to do their best in creating access to ‘decent work’ for young women in developing countries.

The signing took place during the conference “Investing in girls: a good business!”, organized by Plan Nederland, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accenture, the ASN Bank and AkzoNobel.

Basic Water Needs is already cooperating with Plan to achieve more ‘decent work’ for young women through their water quality project in Delhi, India. Read more about the project A Healthy Future for Delhi’s Dwellers.


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