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Fast Flow Siphon (2)

How it works

The filter element is placed in a container or jerrycan with contaminated water, situated about 70 cm above the clean water container. The filter is started by squeezing the rubber bulb. The siphon pressure forces the water through the filter element.
The Tulip Siphon FLOW can filter more than 20 liters per hour and can last over 30,000 liters.

For whom applicable

Households: The Siphon FLOW water filter is ideal for use within households. The filter is easy to use and affordable for most households. The filter can clean over 20 liters an hour, providing enough safe drinking water for an (extended) family. As the filter element fits into a jerrycan, households can choose to use their own jerrycans or water containers.
Emergency and recovery situations: The Siphon FLOW filter is light, small, affordable, simple to use and transport, and will last a family for over three years. This makes the Siphon FLOW an appropriate solution in post-disaster situations.

Maintenance of the filter

After some time, the flow rate will reduce because of clogging of the filter element. In this case, the filter can be cleaned by backwashing. This is done by closing the tap and squeezing the rubber bulb, which forces the water back through the filter element, pushing dirt particles out and unclogging the filter. Repeat this a few times.


One of the core values of BWN is ‘affordable’. Therefore we will always strive to work in the most cost-effective way. Considering one Tulip Flow filter can clean over 30,000 liter, the price per liter is lower than $ 0,001.

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