In order to bring safe water in every house our technologies, including the Tulip Filtration products, are simple, affordable and available.


BWN believes that the best products do not require an extensive manual, but are understandable for everyone, all over the world. Our products are easy to use in order to realize sustained usage. Our Tulip products are based on gravity, which implies that no electricity or complicated processes are involved.

Additionally, the products are easy to maintain and control by using a scrub pad, end-of-life indicator and an effective backwash to keep the flow rate high. Finally, if the filter needs replacement, the user can easily replace the candles.

Like our products, BWN keeps her organization simple. No large overhead, no big marketing department, just one small, professional, international team that simply gets the job done.


We are committed to provide access to safe drinking water for everyone, including the BoP. Therefore our customers require affordable, but high value products. Our Tulip technology is designed in such a way that it combines state-of-the-art technology with high value materials, making it an ideal Self Supply solution.

BWN strives towards embedding her assembling and sourcing locally as much as possible, ensuring lower administrative and transport costs and stimulating local economy. Locally sourced components are generally low complexity items, such as buckets.

Local suppliers are always extensively screened and should adhere to BWN quality standards.


Having a simple and affordable product is not enough to provide a sustainable solution for everyone: the products and its replacement components have to be available and accessible, also for the BoP. This means that a sustainable supply chain needs to be in place for our HWTS products which we realize through both our commercial and NGO network and by directly and indirectly training and guiding national, regional and community entrepreneurs.

Besides providing components and products, this network allows the sharing of technical knowhow concerning water treatment and hygiene in general and our products, including Tulip technology, specifically.

We believe working with these values will lead to a sustainable and durable solution: safe water in every house.

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