BWN has reached over 2,500,000 people worldwide with the Tulip products, substantially improving people’s health. By using the Tulip Technology e-coli (99.9%), turbidity (99%), cryptosporidium and other protozoa (99%) are removed, contributing to the prevention of diarrhea, cholera, typhus, giardia and schistosomiasis. Because BWN’s end users consist of people in the BoP, these results will impact the poorest and are part of a larger strategy for fighting poverty.


More than 2,500,000 people with improved health

By using our filters, a family will experience much less diseases, especially children younger than five. The average family in the countries we work consists of 5 people per family. One filter can clean enough water for an entire family every day, making it safe to drink.


More than $50,000,000 increase in disposable income

Compared to other household purification methods or not treating your water at all, an average family will save about $100 a year using the Tulip Technology. The amount of filters we have sold worldwide over the years times the average of $100 money saved is an increase in disposable income of $50,000,000.

local entrepreneurship

Over 1,000 entrepreneurs selling our filters

Our products are sold all over the world by local partners. In all countries we work with local agents who import the product and spread this within the country. They are in contact with local organizations and entrepreneurs who make a living selling the filters.

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