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How it works

Dirty water is put into the top container in which the candles are placed. Water will drip through the candles and the fast flow hoses into the bottom bucket. The candles will purify the water of bacteria, parasites and turbidity. The water will be stored in the bottom container making sure that the water will not re-contaminate. The water can be used for drinking via the tap in the lower bucket.

For whom applicable

Schools: Tulip Group Filter is ideal to realize safe drinking water at schools as part of a WASH strategy. Being able to drink water during the day will increase the concentration and attendance of children. Also, children can be strong advocates of safe water and hygiene at home when they learn this at school.

Health facilities: Safe drinking water is vital for health facilities for administering medicines and ensuring the health of its patients.

Work places: Many workers do not have access to safe drinking water during work hours. Workers that have access to safe water can experience increased productivity due to staying hydrated and remaining healthy.

Maintenance of the filter

To protect the filter elements against premature clogging when using dirty water, the filter elements are covered with washable pre-filters. After some time, the flow rate will reduce because of clogging of the filter elements. When this occurs a small layer of the ceramic material of the filter elements has to be removed by scrubbing the filters. This can be done easily by using the scrub pads, which are included with the filter.


One of the core values of BWN is ‘affordable’. Therefore we will always strive to work in the most cost-effective way, considering one filter can clean up to 7,000 liter, the price per liter is between $0,002 and $0,005, depending on the distribution situation.

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