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BWN works closely throughout the world with our exclusive agent and distributor network. Currently we are active in 30+countries. 

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Below you will find stories of our partners.

Tulip Addis – Ethiopia


Tulip Addis, led by Mr Getaw M. Cherinet and BWN have worked together in Ethiopia since 2010. Tulip Addis has served more than 100,000 people with BWN products at the BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) level in Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan.

Our cooperation has resulted in a Joint Venture in Ethiopia between Tulip Addis and BWN. Both parties are investing further in the partnership. The new company is currently building a new factory in Addis Ababa, which will be ready for operations before the end of this year.



Bumi Global Health Consultants – Zambia


Bumi Global Health Consultants was established in 2013. Bumi Global Health Consultants’ vision entails continuous search for new and innovative growth opportunities with the intent of becoming market leaders. Their clientele base extends to all parts of Zambia and includes the private and public health sector, mining sector and water and sanitation sector.

Access to safe drinking water still remains a challenge in some areas in Zambia. Bumi Global Health Consultants together with Basic Water Needs aims to provide communities with the means of accessing safe drinking water at household levels through Basic Water Needs main products: Tulip Siphon Water Filter and Table Top Water Filter. The aim of Bumi Global Health Consultants is to become market leaders in providing households, private and public institutions, NGOs with the filters.



Sustainable World – Ecuador


Sustainable World is a young Social Enterprise created in 2012 to improve the quality of life of low-income households through affordable water technologies. We started in Ecuador, a small country in South America. We studied and selected different water technologies suitable for the country, from solar pumps to water filters. At a very early stage we signed a contract with Basic Water Needs and became BWN Agent in Ecuador.

This encouraged us to invest all our resources in the development of the supply chain of BWN products only. To meet the needs of the most important group of clients we conducted about 800 surveys and designed a tabletop that takes into account the most important findings of the surveys. It took us 10 months to have the capacity to produce and distribute this new tabletop all over the country.

ENEWA is a high quality table top, robust, affordable and now available in all of Ecuador. The Tulip candle filter is the heart of ENEWA. Currently we are investing all our resources in the development of the supply chain of Tulip products not only in Ecuador but also in the neighbouring countries Colombia and Peru. Thanks to the support of Basic Water Needs, in 2014 we will start supplying thousands of households in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.



Soluciones Comunitarias – Guatemala


Soluciones Comunitarias (SolCom) is a Guatemalan social enterprise that provides sustainable solutions that address long-standing rural, economic, health and educational problems. SolCom is able to provide this through a network of locally trained and supported community advisors/social entrepreneurs and community partners. SolCom implements its unique ‘MicroConsignment Model’ to reach “last mile” communities to help empower and improve the quality of life of the often marginalized families living in remote rural villages.

SolCom has been providing the Tulip Table Top and Tulip water purification systems since 2012 not just in Guatemala, but also in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, supporting hundreds of households in accessing safe drinking water.

Community Solutions Enterprise


Aqua for All


Aqua for All is a foundation that dedicates itself to the poorest in the world. They connect money, means and expertise to mobilize contributions to programs for international development. Projects that Aqua for All supports are always focused on water & sanitation and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals. Aqua for All has supported Basic Water Needs over the years in building up the company and reaching the BoP with safe drinking water.
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IVY – Indonesia 

Ivy is a Dutch social enterprise. Ivy is on a mission to make life easier, more affordable and healthier for women and their families in remote areas of Indonesia by giving them access to high-impact technologies such as water filters, solar, biomass cook stoves etc. 

Ivy offers three services: (1) selecting the highest quality life-changing technologies such as the Tulip water filter, (2) credit, so that women can afford the technologies based on a product loan, (3) training to inspire and embed the high impact technologies in their daily lives. All selected technologies convert nature into a free provider of water and energy. By using the Tulip water filter and other technologies, lives of women and their families will become easier, more affordable and healthier. Ivy provides the water filter since 2014 through a local partner network of micro finance institutions, NGO’s, Ivy’s Representative network and the government. 


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