Our I CSR policy

Basic Water Needs likes to call itself ‘a company with a conscience’ and we take our social responsibility very serious. As a company we always take the Corporate Social Responsibility OECD guidelines into account and more than fulfill these criteria. We strive towards making our whole supply chain sustainable, respecting human rights and our environmental impact.

This does not only translate itself in our products, which have brought clean drinking water to over 2,000,000 people around the world, but also in the production of these products. Our factory in India gives employment to 25-50 people, over half of which are women. BWN ensures that all our employees receive a fair income and work under conditions that meet the OECD guidelines. Furthermore, many of our agents all over the world assemble the products locally, stimulating their local economies.

BWN tries to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible. With the water filter, CO2 production is heavily reduced, since people no longer have to boil their drinking water on stoves. Also, by sourcing large components – such as buckets – locally, transport is minimized.

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